Alessio Nesi

Lead Creative Producer, BBC StoryWorks
Italian by birth and Londoner by choice, I'm a Lead Creative Producer specialized in content marketing campaigns and editorial. I've worked for everybody from smaller boutique agencies to the biggest media company in the world, NBCUniversal-Comcast. I ran groundbreaking content campaigns for world class brands at Vice Media and NBCUniversal. There I specialised in the production of advertising and editorial content (video, written and graphic) both for brands and for publishers. Forur years ago I moved to the BBC to help set up award winning branded content arm, BBC StoryWorks. I have a passion for cinema, technology and digital products, and a deep interest in advertising and the world of content. I'm now focused on translating brand sentiment into beautiful online films and TV commercials, where the creative vision meets the commercial need. In my career I have worked with top brands like Mazda, Chanel, Cathay Pacific, PepsiCo, Rolex , Huawei, Adidas and Canon (just to name a few).