30 Seconds to Shine

Client: Virgin Media

Agency: Oh My! - Virgin Media - Tin Man Communications

Our work for Virgin Media’s ‘Stay in Love, Stay Connected’ campaign was designed to emotionally engage consumers, driving them to the brand’s social and owned channels during the Covid-19 lockdown. We had to be creative to cut through the rest of the ‘at-home/ digitally connected noise’.

With online dating on the rise, romantic digital advice was needed, so our ‘30 Seconds to Shine’ celebrity tips video series was born. Filmed in a Covid compliant way, we focussed on the power of first impressions and the speed at which people romantically connect through a screen.

Our creative became the hero of the integrated marketing campaign, outperforming all expectations. We had emotionally engaged the audience by using relatable celebrities and experts, choosing a topical subject and producing content that genuinely helped people whilst elevating the brand’s key messages. On owned channels, content drove 60% more time on site than other creative.

Sam Miao, Advertising Manager, Virgin Media said about our team: "… They are hard-working, enthusiastic and solution-focused and have produced engaging content that has delivered the results we wanted."