A Creative State of Mind

McGill Productions

Client: Brother

The Brother team approached us to create a promotional video for the release of their new machine, the Air Overlocker. The video will be published in craft stores, the web, and social channels. The video needed to be bold, inspirational, and youthful for the Brothers’ target audience of business-minded, driven individuals aged 25-40.

Our approach to this brief was to make the customer the hero, showing how the Airflow 3000 can help designers achieve their dreams. We created a narrative that showed a designer’s journey from humble beginnings, sewing at home, to running her own successful business, thanks to the technology of the Airflow 3000. The Airflow 3000 was positioned as the co-star rather than just the product. To execute this concept, we created a storyboard, a shooting script, and generated mood boards that communicated the look and feel we wanted for the video. We used RED Digital Cinema cameras, hired actors, and hired a probe lens to facilitate capturing the features of the machine up-close. This film aims to help brother increase sales as part of Brother’s broader campaign, which was to drive interest by inspiring and entertaining viewers. As well as the delivery of the main video, we made short social clips, which were between 20-60 seconds long and optimised for social platforms. The video will be released as part of Brother’s Airflow campaign in December 2022.