AI by you

Across the Pond

Client: DeepMind

Additional Credits: Studio Nari (Design)

Artificial Intelligence is going to be one of the most important technologies ever created. It will change everything. DeepMind is at the forefront of it all. Driven by co-founder Demis Hassabis’ strong moral compass, the organisation believes that all AI can only benefit the whole of society if it’s made ethically. The key to that is a diverse pipeline of talent to bring a variety of values, hopes and concerns to the industry.

That’s why, for the last 5 years, DeepMind have given-back via a fully paid Scholarship programme for underrepresented groups which includes mentorship. But for DeepMind, this wasn’t enough - they know the problem is bigger than them. And the solution needs every AI company to run their own scholarship programme. So we worked with DeepMind to create a campaign to not only promote the scholarship programme, but to also inspire other AI companies to follow suit. Underrepresented groups are often expected to fit into an established paradigm, but our strategy led to a key cultural insight — what if we asked them to ‘come as they are’? This is especially crucial for AI as unique points-of-view and interests will drive its development into a truly representative technology. This was articulated as: ‘AI by you,’ a simple phrase that asks potential applicants to see themselves as future authors and owners of AI. With those three words, what started off as a brief about celebrating the scholarship programme, grew into an integrated campaign about representation in AI.