Barbie Careers Behind the Scenes

Feed Films Ltd

Client: Mattel

Additional credits: Smyths Toys

To showcase the new line of Careers dolls from Mattel at Smyths Toys we had inspirational athlete Perri Edwards sit down to talk with children about their career ambitions and supplemented with stop frame animation. To further emphasise the Barbie mantra of “You can be anything” we put together a largely female crew for our production.

In support of the main asset we shot behind the scenes of the Barbie Careers film to provide an insight into how the film was put together, hearing from key members of the crew and even our stop motion artist. Our presenters were none other than one of our talented child stars! Through their curious eyes, we found out the burning questions behind the world of filmmaking - What does it take to become an Art Director? How long does it take to make 5 seconds of stop motion? What does a Focus Puller do? Who’s in charge of lunch? Once the main shoot and the behind camera production was coming together, we also told our client about the hard work going into our inspirational crew and suggested a BTS that could serve as a lead asset - showing what we do in front of the camera happens behind too! The concept fit so well with the messaging of the campaign that she commissioned us. The overall purpose of the campaign is to inspire young children to dream big, not let their ambitions be limited to careers that socially are considered difficult to achieve.