Chase Your Dream, No Matter What: A Woman of Strength

Client: Bridgestone Europe

Agency: WeAreFearless., Golazo

South Africans love sport. And South Africans love Caster Semenya. She stands for everything they cherish. Not only did she show the world that a little black girl from the village can dominate the sporting arena. But also that she’ll take on anyone who tries to stop her.

As a Bridgestone ambassador, her story powerfully exemplifies their Olympic campaign message: We inspire you to chase your dream, helping you overcome the obstacles you face on your journey.

Her resilience in the face of the insidious scrutiny she has faced, is phenomenal. Truly inspirational for everyone, but especially for her nation.

Bridgestone’s Chase Your Dream, No Matter What message resonated powerfully in a country where countless people face extreme adversity, every day.

Using Caster’s incredible Olympic story, we were able to strike a deep emotional chord and to feel relevant to their lives and concerns. Not bad for a tyre company.