Ciao 2020

Client: IKEA

Agency: LLYC

Christmas is the time of year where we reflect on the previous 12 months and get ready to celebrate the year ahead. There is no denying that 2020 was a very bad year. 2020 was marked by the pandemic and, to a greater or lesser degree, brought difficult months in terms of both our professional and personal lives. The exhaustion, uncertainty and anxiety caused by the pandemic affected us all. Furthermore, all this was accompanied by emotional disconnection and the “blues” caused by being unable to celebrate such traditional events like Christmas as we usually would in other years.

Listening to music has a positive impact on the psycho-biological stress system, according to the US NLM. This was the basis of our creative idea to invite IKEA employees to release endorphins through music... and we came up with CIAO 2020, a song exclusively composed by the singer, David Otero, and created from everything about 2020 that company employees wanted to say goodbye to.

As a kind of “group therapy” exercise, the song was accompanied by a music video starring company employees. The two pieces were premièred at the first internal online Christmas event for all employees.