Compeed 'Embrace Life' by Dirt & Glory Media

Dirt & Glory Media

Client: Compeed

Additional Credits: Craig Coole (editor), Ashley Raim (DoP), Richard Grassie & Shackleton (photographer)

With a £15,000 budget, the challenge set to Dirt & Glory was to create a mini campaign that earned Compeed coverage in the mainstream media. Within four months, our carefully-selected brand ambassador - 45-year-old, mother of four Wendy Searle - and the story of her upcoming polar world record attempt had been featured on TV, radio, podcasts and digital media by the likes of Sky News, the BBC, The Daily Mail and more. Our 5-minute documentary, with its core message it’s never too late to embrace life, has also been watched 62,000 times on YouTube.

The best bit? Wendy’s adventure hasn’t even begun yet. Setting off in early December, she aims to become the fastest woman to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole. To succeed in her mission, she needs to complete the 715-mile journey in 38 days or less. Compeed blister plasters - much needed when you’re wearing ski boots for five weeks - will be with her every step of the way. Come January, we look forward to another media push and even more eyeballs on our work and Compeed’s broad range of skin healing products.