Connecting Stories

BBC Storyworks

Client: DHL

Additional credits: 8BitDo, Heimwerker, Konny

Connecting Gamers' is a branded content film made by BBC Storyworks in partnership with DHL. Part of a branded film series 'Connecting Stories', Connecting Gamers tells the emotive story of Swedish gamer Oskar Karlsson who has a rare neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2.

He needs personal assistants for his everyday life and throughout the night to monitor his breathing equipment. Oskar sits in a power wheelchair but other than that he’s just like any other boy. He loves games and is a gamer, just like his dad. Chinese hardware company 8BitDo developed an accessible controller specifically for Oskar so he can play his favourite games. Since Oskar received the 8Bitdo controller, he has been able to enjoy the freedom of the gaming world uninhibited, on an equal playing field as anyone else. He’s been playing non-stop! 8bitDo managed to solve this problem for Oskar in a couple of months, a problem that Oskar and his family have been struggling with for 8 years. This is a story about global connectivity, human kindness, collaboration and altruistic industry. DHL enabled a small business in China to change the life of a young boy in Sweden.