Creative strategy for cultural change management

Content Creatures

Client: Tate & Lyle

What started as a project to incite changes of behaviour, grew to be used for global internal communications for the ‘new Tate & Lyle’. Content Creatures developed the creative strategy and campaign materials. Overview Tate & Lyle wanted to innovate with an ambitious growth plan. The single most important thing was creating a shared belief and vision between the internal teams. The creative toolkit brought to life new behaviour framework and excited the business about opportunities ahead. We developed ‘The Ripple Effect’ to encourage transformation and experimentation; feeling empowered, engaged and part of the business evolution. The property was designed not to need explanation so that it didn’t need to be translated in every territory, and this was key to its success in the roll out. The project ran into unforeseen challenges due to timing and scope. Originally the concept was to communicate behavioural transformation for individuals, which developed into larger communication as the business transformed into the ‘new Tate & Lyle’. The consistent creative allowed Tate & Lyle to share a positive transformation message with people across the globe in a co-ordinated and creative way. Achievements The campaign excelled in ROO and ROI, as well as reflecting a pivotal point for the business. The assets transformed apprehension into excitement and energised the workforce. It also encouraged staff to believe in their ability to be part of this change. Since launch in summer of 2022 the materials have gained 4371 impressions, demonstrating significant internal reach.