Creme Egg EATertainment

Client: Mondelez

Agency: ELVIS - Mondelez - Craft Films - Production Carat - Media Golin - PR

Creme Eggs are a delicious, entertaining eat, that appeal to everyone from nine year-olds to nanas. So how do you create one ad for an audience that’s this diverse? You don’t!

We turned our back on TV ads after 49 years, and stopped interrupting the entertainment, to become the 'EATertainment' – the world’s first chocolate streaming service. A tongue in cheek take on the ever-increasing number of streaming platforms, that hosted purposely produced content inspired by the Creme Egg eating experience.

We made sure there was something that appealed to everyone in our broad audience. So we created three cinematic short films, a mindful-mess series featuring our Gooru who encouraged creme egg fans to lose themselves in the world’s most immersive eat, mouth watering ASMR eating episodes, a hunger inducing Girl Vs Goo culinary adventure series and even an Eggs Rated series for some top shelf food porn.