Danny's Story

Inspired Films

Client: Action Medical Research

Inspired Films has partnered with Action Medical Research since 2013, and this film marked our 10th campaign collaboration. To date our films have helped raise over £50m for the charity.

In this latest film, we meet Danny, a lovely young boy who is living with Hunter syndrome, an extremely rare disease (affecting only 2,000 children worldwide) with no cure and no current effective treatment. Caused by a faulty gene that leads to the lack of an enzyme that’s vital for breaking down sugars in the body, Hunter Syndrome is life limiting. We were granted unique access into Danny’s home, allowing the audience an intimate insight into the strain and pressure of caring for a sick child, worse still if the child’s condition has no possibility of resolution, no happy ending. Action Medical Research and LifeArc are jointly funding groundbreaking research at the University of Manchester, that is trying to help bring about a new, revolutionary treatment for Hunter syndrome,” It is essential research like this that gives families like Danny hope for families in the future, hope that one day, incurable, life limiting conditions such as Hunter syndrome can be consigned to the history books.