Don't Overthink It

Client: AB InBev - mike’s Hard Seltzer

Agency: Oh My! - AB InBev - mike’s Hard Seltzer - Tin Man

Mike’s Hard Seltzer is a cheeky alcoholic sparkling water targeted at consumers in their mid 20s who want a simple, easy to enjoy drink without compromise. We knew these ‘balanced optimisers’ would engage with the uncomplicated nature of the drink. So our strategy focussed on a bold brand proposition; ‘Don’t Overthink It’, cradled in a subject our audience often overanalyses - dating.

Mike’s Love Advice Hotline was born and an episodic content series was created with celebrity influencers Pete Wicks and Shaughna Phillips delivering fun, witty but confident and wise advice.

Once live, the content saw a flurry of engagement with more than 3 million impressions, 600,000+ organic views and 5,000 engagements within days. The talent had a combined reach of 250K views within the first hour of the content going live. Mike’s Hard Seltzer Brand Manager, Alexandre Wellens, said:

“I’m so proud of this campaign – the results are great… the content is all about real fun and is aligned with mike’s inclusive and cheeky attitude.”