G-SHOCK - Built Different


Client: Casio

The brand launch film from the G-SHOCK Built Different European campaign. Used for social, retail and VOD in different regional markets.

Built Different was new platform that we developed for a new generation. A generation that G-SHOCK had failed to keep up with. With the brand steeped in cultural history it was time for them to show up in a new way. A way that could flex their cultural heritage but mean something new to the Next Gen consumer. We needed to take things up to a brand level. Acting on insight from our SELFHOOD insight network we knew our targets were cultural hybrids who no longer cared about the functionality of a watch. Multi-hyphenate in their style means they feel free to always turn up different. Our lead asset from the Built Different campaign needed to speak to this and impart G-SHOCK's own brand of Japanese futurism. Our production approach meant we were able to feature multiple scenes and music acts mashed up with G-SHOCK's Japanese style. It started with “Yard Party”, an after party at Notting Hill Carnival where we invited culturally significant, known DJs and artists that pulled in the right Next Gen crowd that featured in the film. That was captured and later brought into a conceptual set inspired by the brand’s heritage in Japanese futuristic design. Because no matter what you're doing, no matter what you're wearing, there's a G-SHOCK for every version of you.