Generación Borrosa / Blurred Generation


Client: Multiópticas

Additional credits: Antiestático (Producer)

Children are still children. But there is one thing they are losing: their vision. Myopia already affects nearly 4 million children in Spain, and that number is expected to continue to increase significantly, and in the most severe cases it can cause serious eye diseases.

Our way of life has changed, and with it, that of the little ones at home. The lack of outdoor activity with sunlight, sedentary lifestyles and overexposure to screens are some of the main causes of myopia, giving us a clue as to where we are failing. Children are moving away from spending time outdoors to be enclosed within four walls. They are replacing balls and bicycles for consoles and digital devices. Children are losing the quality of their eyesight. This is why we're looking at a whole generation that won't see their future well because of myopia. We are facing the Blurred Generation. Thus arises this new concept of Multi├│pticas, with which we want to raise society's attention to a serious eye health problem that is expected to continue to worsen in the coming years. We are concerned about children's eye health and that's why we want to slow the progression of childhood myopia and its possible worsening in the future. We want to prevent the Blurred Generation from being unable to see in the future.