Green Means Go


Client: E.ON

Additional credits: MHP

Linney and MHP were commissioned by E.ON to create a film to support its sponsorship of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and to complement its #actionforclimate brand platform. The film was part of a wider campaign involving UK-wide polling and expert environmental opinion as an aid in discussions with regional and national government stakeholders to help in achieving their environmental ambitions. The overall aim was to reflect citizens’ aspirations and needs while raising brand awareness of E.ON’s solutions and commitment to helping cities and communities to achieve net zero.

Birmingham’s Poet Laureate and Young Poet Laureate, Casey Bailey and Fatma Mohiuddin, were commissioned to create an original work around the themes of the survey, bringing to life the nation’s feelings, frustrations and hopes for the future of a greener UK. Together they created the original composition “Green Means Go”. Linney’s Film and Photography teams filmed the poets’ performances and brought their words to life on the streets of Digbeth and on the terrace of the Library of Birmingham. A closed set and chaperone ensured that Fatma, the shy Young Poet Laureate, was completely at ease to give her outstanding performance. From the initial brief of producing just the one 16x9 film, the content was adapted for social media, radio and Spotify ads, along with out-of-home (OOH) screens. Through Spotify and radio ads, 2.8 million listens of the poem were achieved, while more than four million people were engaged through the OOH media campaign.