How not to measure PR


Client: CoverageBook

Additional credits: Faithful Hound Production

A short film that resonates with Public Relations professionals and empathises the pressure on reporting on the ‘reach’ of their PR work to clients.

There’s a lot of doubt surrounding numbers in PR reporting. ‘Reach’ figures are often considered inflated compared to the rest of marketing. Demonstrating success is a challenge for PR people because it takes a long time to make PR reports and there is a lack of trust in the numbers. CoverageBook, is a tool for PR professionals. It automates the process by creating beautifully designed reports with credible metrics from trusted sources. CoverageBook briefed production company Faithful Hound and script writer Russel Balkind to create a short film that resonated and amused Public Relations professionals, whilst explaining the tool benefits. Primary objective; was to engage visitors arriving on the CoverageBook homepage and explain why CoverageBook will solve their reporting headaches. The video needed to encourage viewers to begin a one month free trial of the tool and then hopefully become a paying customer. Secondary objective; was to drive visits to site through the video being on YouTube and shared on social. Since the video went live on YouTube, there was 41% increase in site ‘new visits’. Since the video went live on; ‘visits to trial’ conversion rate went up by 2.38%, resulting in trials increasing by 11% YOY Conversion from the trials also increased; Trials to paid customers went up by 16% YOY & annual customer plans went up by 26%.