IKEA Buy Back

Client: IKEA

Agency: Edelman - IKEA - Riffraff - Production MPC London - Post Production/VFX Factory Studios London - Sound Design

Watch their video https://youtu.be/6yuDl6lZGxM

Increasing circularity is vital to sustainability and tackling the climate crisis.

IKEA has done something radical, at an unprecedented global scale...

It has started buying customer’s unwanted furniture back.

In 20 countries all over the world IKEA customers can return their unwanted furniture to stores, in exchange for up to 50% of its original value. The second-hand furniture was then fixed up, displayed in-store and sold on to other customers at reduced prices. Any unsold furniture can be donated to charity or recycled, ensuring that nothing went into landfill.

This TVC and online film promotes the activity, inspires viewer action and interest in sustainability and positions IKEA as a player in the circular economy and circularity space.