Imagine Beyond - series 2

Beta Alliance & Forever Beta

Agency: Client: Kaspersky

Imagine Beyond is a series created for Kaspersky’s Tomorrow Unlocked platform. It seeks to explore how what we consider to be fundamentally human (e.g. the body, memory, death and sex) is being altered by technology, and asks viewers to ‘Imagine Beyond’ to what the future could hold.

Imagine Beyond series 2 took two complex and controversial topics and invited our audience to consider them from new and unexpected angles. We spoke to experts and pioneers who are using technology to reimagine what the future could hold for sex and death. In episode one “Who wants to live forever” we met the people using technology to pursue immortality and in episode 2 “Build me somebody to love” we explored the future of human-robotic relationships.

So far the episodes have been viewed over 450k times and have had almost 1000 comments. Their viewer retention rate, like/dislike ratio and engagement rates, are all far above Tomorrow Unlocked’s channel average. Most importantly, they have brought together people from across the globe with new and exciting perspectives on what the future of technology could bring for what it means to be human.