'It's not called getting old, it's called getting ill.' - Dementia Action Week 2022

Alzheimer's Society

Agency: New Commercial Arts (NCA)
Client: Alzheimer's Society

Additional credits: New Commercial Arts (NCA)

Dementia Action Week is an annual Alzheimer’s Society campaign, encouraging people to ‘act on dementia’. The focus for 2022 was on increasing diagnosis rates, following the pandemic exacerbating a sustained drop in dementia diagnosis rates in recent years.

Our primary research of over 1,000 people affected by dementia showed that 91% felt that getting a diagnosis offered multiple benefits. The campaign for 2022 encouraged people who might be living with undiagnosed dementia to come to the Society for guidance, empowering them to make the right next step and improving the diagnosis experience. The campaign centered around an emotive film which spotlights the biggest barrier to seeking a diagnosis - dismissing common symptoms of dementia as part of normal aging. The tagline – ‘It’s not called getting old. It’s called getting ill.’ - and the call-to-action of coming to the Society for guidance, aimed to shift public attitudes towards these symptoms and position Alzheimer’s Society as the charity for information and support.