KFC Virgins

Client: Mindshare

Agency: LADbible Group - Mindshare - freuds

KFC wanted to showcase and drive craving for their products amongst LADbible Group’s youth audience. Which made us think, who better to showcase the unique flavour of KFC and the overwhelming excitement of diving into a Bargain Bucket than people who’ve never eaten KFC before? KFC Virgins, if you will.

We took KFC virgin, national treasure and full-time dapper gentleman, Christopher Livingston Eubank Snr, – and took him for his first ever taste of the Colonel’s finest in the expert company of influencer and KFC superfan Stevo The Madman. With Stevo by his side, we introduced him to the ways of the Colonel, found out how he'd managed to avoid his irresistible fried chicken for so long and, most importantly, captured authentic, crave-driving ‘first taste’ reviews.

In less than 24 hours, Chris Eubank’s episode of KFC Virgins reached over 3.6 million people and generated over 45,000 comments. This video performed 6.7x better than the average for ALL video on our UNILAD channel including our original and UGC content, making our mini-series KFC’s highest viewed campaign of the year above any of their other entertainment partners. This also makes UNILAD KFC’s most successful entertainment partner globally for 2020.

Not too clucking bad.