LADbible Group Launches LADx with Jimmy Carr

Client: LADbible Group

Agency: LADbible Group

When LADbible Group launched its latest advertising product, LADx, it was essential that clients understood the benefits. Its Data, Insights and planning team uncovered that 25% of ad venue goes to waste due to slow loading times, and with a tongue and cheek approach, they took the often-staid explainer video format and turned it on its head with an injection of the playfully provocative LAD charm to create a first of its kind Adtech explainer video.

Calling upon the King of Sarcasm, Jimmy Carr, the LADx clip, delivers a script designed to put a smile on even the biggest sceptics amongst of adfolk, whilst cleverly delivering the benefits of this latest product innovation.

The campaign was live for two months across display, social, and Search targeting existing, as well as prospective clients. This viral B2B moment delivered half a million campaign impressions and sparked over 13K comments. One audience member said, “There’s something to be said about the fact that the best advert I've seen in a long while, is an advert about advertising!”.

The campaign resulted in a 325% uplift in LADx bookings and 50% increase in overall display revenue during the quarter in which the campaign was live.