Life Saving Reunions

Client: Department for Health and Social Care

Agency: LADbible Group

Despite being a much-loved institution, the DHSC struggles to recruit young people into NHS roles. They tasked LADbible Group with helping young people see NHS careers as being a good option for them.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, workers aged 25 and under were being hit the hardest in the jobs market (more than twice as likely to have lost their jobs than older workers). Armed with the knowledge that LADbible Groups youth audience look for ‘jobs with meaning’ (18-24’s 67% more likely to be interested to work in charity/civil service industry), our campaign aimed to show young people the impact NHS roles can have on people’s lives - and the sense of pride it can give to their own.

Tying in with key NHS roles the DHSC were recruiting for, LADbible Group created an emotional and inspiring content series reuniting patients with NHS staff who helped save their lives. And it worked - with 2/3 viewers surveyed saying they had better impressions of NHS careers. A fifth of viewers surveyed said they applied for NHS roles after watching our videos.