LinkedIn Changemakers

Client: LinkedIn

Agency: Brands2Life

Longstanding client, LinkedIn, challenged Brands2Life to create a campaign that demonstrated the real impact that content creators and conversations can have on the LinkedIn feed. We created a force-for-good influencer programme harnessing the power of LinkedIn to drive conversation and positive change around the most talked about issues affecting the world of work.

Through social listening we identified the most talked-about issues – on LinkedIn and beyond – affecting the world of work (diversity and inclusion, mental health, sustainability, disability and more and using Brands2Life’s influencer algorithm PUNCH we qualified individuals campaigning around these issues against a set of authenticity/engagement criteria, then designed a force-for-good programme to elevate the seven selected as ‘Changemakers’ and help push their causes forward.

An emotive and thought-provoking launch video series introduced our seven Changemakers and dove deep into their individual campaigns with the hope of galvanizing the LinkedIn community to get behind them and be part of driving paradigm shifts. The series was intended to give laser-focus to each Changemaker’s unique story one-by-one, and to enable specific targeting and cut-through amongst likeminded audiences. The campaign has gone on to receive 13 nominations and win a Drum Social Award.