This year, LLYC is submitting three very different films to the Brand Film Awards, all of which share an outstanding achievement of each campaign's objectives, bold creative ideas that are unusual in their respective sectors and high quality audiovisual execution.

THE SCREEN CRIB by Multiópticas, an awareness campaign about the abusive use of screens in childhood that played with the prank effect and two complementary audiovisual pieces that managed to generate a very controversial debate in social media and traditional media about the problem in just 24 hours.

Ciao 2020 by IKEA, a campaign intended for release before New Year' s Eve, is a therapeutic song composed by brand’s employees and a famous spanish singer to liberate endorphins and combat anxiety, saying goodbye to the bad things that 2020 brought in a video clip where the co-workers were the stars.

And finally “EY Family” by EY, a 20-minute-long Brand Film documentary that rejuvenated the purpose of the company through the stories lived by the employees during the historic COVID-19 lockdown, a moving audiovisual piece created to increase engagement among EY’s employees in a really difficult moment.