Moments That Matter

Real Chemistry and Inspired Films

Client: UCB

Additional credits: Inspired Films

Communication objectives.

To give an external face to UCB’s newly evolved corporate identity and purpose: “Inspired by patients, driven by science.” UCB wanted to achieve this with a film featuring real patients. Ones whose lives they have genuinely touched with the work they do to research and develop innovative treatments for severe diseases. Above all, we needed to demonstrate that UCB see the person behind the disease. Summary of what happens in the film. A slice-of-life storytelling approach interweaves the daily lives of three people from across the UK, finding raw authentic beauty in the small moments that matter most to them. Vanessa who lives with chronic psoriasis, Johnny chronic epilepsy, and research scientist Rachel. Common threads emerge which weave together in the edit to create a touching portrait of humanity, resilience, and passion for improving life. Direction. To faithfully champion the courage and determination these people find, every day, to do what many take for granted. Prior to filming, we spent time with these individuals to understand their stories and how their disease impacts their daily lives. Continuity was key, with the same crew on the project throughout and ensuring that touchpoints with the patients were consistent to build a relationship. It was important to create an environment of trust that enabled us to capture moments that were as raw and authentic as possible. Target audience UCB employees and partners; the public; and most important of all, patients living with severe diseases (particularly in neurology, immunology, and rare disease.)