My Reading Journey


Client: Aldi

Additional credits: Illustrator: Lisa Stickley, Animator: Jason Guest, Producer: Stu Rolls

As a result of Covid lockdowns – and schools being closed, 90% of UK kids’ reading levels were well below where they should be at the end of the 2022 school year.

In fact, some kids were joining secondary schools with the reading levels of a 6-year-old. BCW and Aldi’s research with the Literary Trust showed that 1 in 17 UK families didn’t own a book. As Aldi sells over 8 million books a year and truly believes that reading is not a privilege, BCW felt they could play a real part in this story Renewing their long-standing relationship with Marcus Rashford, and working with Macmillan Children’s Books and Magic Breakfast, Aldi donated over 122,000 books to kids that needed them most. To raise awareness and drive donations, BCW created a poignant animation about the joy of reading. Voiced by Marcus and beautifully illustrated by children’s author Lisa Stickley, the film reflects the signature style BCW created for Aldi’s award-wining Hunger Monster 10 million meals campaign. Reinforcing Aldi’s commitment to UK families facing financial difficulties. “This campaign went beyond helping to improve literacy levels; it was about bringing joy to children both now and in the future and changing their lives for the better.” Richard Thornton, Communications Director, Aldi The campaign reached 2.5million with over 450 pieces of earned media including appearing on This Morning with Dragon’s Den star Stephen Bartlett and drove consumer donations. Awareness of the issue rose by 119% with 92% of people feeling more positive toward Aldi.