Niall Horan's Homecoming - The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldi

Electric Robin & The One Partnership

Client: Guinness (Diageo)

Additional credits: Electric Robin, The One Partnership, PHD, Born Social, Wilson Hartnell

What happens when two of the biggest names in music embark on a road trip in Ireland? A film that captures adventure, friendship, storytelling and non-stop laughter. All inspired by Horan’s desire to revisit and reconnect with all that he loves of home; to retrace the origins of the exciting life journey he’s on and experience the reality of Ireland today, alongside side his best friend, Lewis Capaldi.

The boys’ journey saw them meet world class guitar maker George Lowden, up and coming Irish artist and Tullamore native Tolu Makay, as well as local Dublin busker, Jacob Koopman. And like many an Irish host, Niall takes his Scottish visitor to the home of the black stuff, the Guinness Storehouse. Despite leaving home and achieving international superstardom at a young age, Niall’s connection to his homeland home has never been dimmed. “I feel like I’ve never left. Every time I come home, I’m just blown away by the creativity here. Not in a Hollywood way, its real authentic talent, people going out there and doing it for the pure love of the craft.” The film tells a story of friendship and talent while celebrating modern Irish culture through the lens of two global superstars who have an authentic connection to Ireland. Both Niall and Lewis not only embody the values of camaraderie and friendship, but as two global icons grounded in their roots, they never sway away from where they started from.