One More Good Day

Inspired Films

Client: Alzheimer's Society & Santander

Inspired were commissioned by Alzheimer’s Society to celebrate the longstanding corporate partnership between Santander UK and the Alzheimer’s Society, which has been in place since 2019, working together to help people affected by dementia. The partnership was wide reaching, including the creation over 11,000 Dementia Friends and 130 Dementia Ambassadors trained to support colleagues and customers, over 13,000 Companion Calls made during the pandemic to provide support for people living with dementia and their carers, plus an internal fundraise of over £2m for The Alzheimer’s Society.

Inspired created an emotive, spoken word film, featuring real people living with dementia, to highlight the progress being made by Santander and the steps the bank is making to be as Dementia-friendly as possible in its interactions, as well reinforcing the message that more needs to be done by the financial sector, in order to make life better for their customers (and their families) living with Dementia. Its the little things that count and as Santander have demonstrated, when small changes are made, this can lead to big break breakthroughs. For those whose lives are dominated by Dementia and who live day to day, those positive changes can can make a bad day good.