Ooh...Someone's Hormonal

Be The Fox

Client: Hertility Health

Public Cervix Announcement!

‘Ooh..Someone’s Hormonal’ is an alliance between female led Hertility Health and Be The Fox with a shared mission to create a movement, mobilise a new generation of womxn and empower females to take control of their reproductive health. A broad target audience: adult womxn with hormones, focusing on womxn in their mid-30s to mid-40s seeking information on their fertility. We used movement in the form of Lynne Page’s dance company to represent the daily feelings and frustrations womxn balance. The set is claustrophobic and domestic to highlight the realities that often overtake a womxn’s bid for self care. Costume was stripped back to complement brand colours and showcase the dancers up close. In a circular narrative the film spotlights dancer Jessamin Landamore’s own baby, cast because Jessamin needed child care in order to work. With minimum soundtrack budget we secured Brit nominee Self Esteem who identified with the cause immediately. It was important to invert the usual gender imbalance on set with over 80%* of the crew being female identifying - from DOP to Editor to Colourist. In 7 weeks we concepted, wrote, produced, post produced and launched the campaign…. Sales doubled overnight. Launch week engagement ran to 12% - more than a 2000% increase. Channel 4 have partnered with Hertility to adopt free testing. Pearl&Dean have committed to screening the campaign ahead of every showing of ‘She Said’ the story of #MeToo. Featured in female press including Sheerluxe, Grazia and Stylist. Welcome to the Reproductive Revolution!