Out of this world Gaming Audio

Client: EPOS

Agency: &Co

Based around the theme and promise of, “Out of This World Gaming Audio”, EPOS’ short format film by Academy Award-winning Danish director Anders Walter launched the brand into the games audio market mid 2020 following the demerger of Sennheiser Communications A/S.

Founded on the belief in “The Power of Audio” to transport gamers to another dimension, EPOS sought a filmic entertainment experience to resonate with gamers, demonstrating the powerful, visceral way gaming transports players to a different reality. Messaging that superior gaming audio - as provided by EPOS - provides an unparalleled balm to the brain, the film draws inspiration from the worlds of gaming and science fiction, with an atmosphere resembling Ridley Scott’s iconic Blade Runner.

Anders Walter, Director, says of the film: “We wanted to capture the viewer from the beginning creating a believable universe accompanied by a suspenseful feeling, until the monster is introduced. I really feel the grand ambitions we had for this production came to full fruition.”

The film reached 37.3 million gamers worldwide, clocking up 18.6 million total video views, and resulting in a 61% lift in branded searches at launch. 8 week total reach for PR cuttings globally topped 438.5MM