PLAY | 'The Spell & The Promise' by Lexi Kiddo

Client: Brookfield Properties

Agency: Culture Mile – Brookfield Properties – London Symphony Orchestra – The Smalls

At the beginning of 2020, Culture Mile planned a series of outdoor concerts within Brookfield Properties locations across the City of London for Autumn 2020. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however, these events had to be cancelled.

The ambition was to continue this partnership by seeking alternative proposals that would highlight the resilience of the City during such difficult times, while fostering creative collaboration to support and showcase creatives and artists who were impacted by the restrictions.

As a result of this, Culture Mile co-commissioned a pair of short films, under the name PLAY, with Brookfield Properties and the London Symphony Orchestra. Each film was inspired by place and space and feature LSO musicians, dancers and original compositions in collaboration with emerging filmmakers to highlight the incredible creative energy of the City, which remained undiminished despite lockdown restrictions.

Directed by Lexi Kiddo, ‘The Spell & The Promise’ plays like a contemporary fairytale. The performance by Gareth Davies (Principal Flute, London Symphony Orchestra) casts a spell as dancers Faye Stoeser and Salomé Pressac respond to composer Jasmin Kent Rodgman's new and original composition.

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