Real Choice

Blackbridge Communications

Client: Aviva

According to PwC, only 15% of tech roles in the UK are filled by women – a figure which sadly hasn’t changed much in the past decade. Aviva want to do something about that. Through their Women in Technology programme, they are investing in future generations of female tech talent.

We started thinking about choice and the fact that from a young age, most women aren’t encouraged to pursue careers in STEM. We set out to explore the causes of the gender gap in tech and position Aviva as an employer that believes in providing real choice for women and their careers. Our objectives were clear: 1.To convince students, graduates and experienced hires alike that Aviva is the place to build a rewarding career in tech. 2.To make them trust and believe that, at Aviva, they’ll be offered real choice (and real opportunities) to enable them to succeed. We conducted a social experiment to see what happens when women and girls are given more exposure and encouragement when it comes to tech. In the end, what did we prove? That exposure and encouragement mean everything. If women are given the right kind of exposure to careers in technology, they won’t necessarily move into technology. But at least they’ll know it’s a choice.