Safer Oceans campaign: Two Kinds of Water

Lloyd's Register Foundation

Client: Lloyd's Register Foundation

Additional credits: Miran Media

‘Two Kinds of Water’ is one of a series of three films from Lloyd’s Register Foundation, the global safety charity, as part of its Safer Oceans campaign. The film highlights the plight of the fishers of Senegal as new research suggests the number of fatalities within the fishing sector is likely to be well over 100,000 annually - a figure previously woefully underestimated at 30,000 - making the commercial fishing industry one of the most dangerous in the world.

Furthermore, Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s 2018 World Risk Poll, which interviewed 150,000 people across 130 countries, found that the planet’s most dangerous places to work are the fields and fishing boats of some of the poorest countries in the world. Thirty-four per cent of farmers, agricultural labourers and fishermen in low-income countries and 32 per cent in lower middle-income countries were recorded as having been seriously injured at work. ‘Two Kinds of Water’ seeks to raise awareness of these often ‘out of sight, out of mind’ dangers to spark debate and drive change across industry and governments to keep people safer at sea. It exposes the extreme challenges faced by the fishers in Senegal, Africa as they fight to bring food to peoples’ plates in a time of climate change, over-fishing and contested waters. The film was produced by award-winning social justice filmmaker Dan McDougall of Miran Media.