Sheba - Cats That Rule The World

Client: Mars Pet - Sheba

Agency: AMVBBDO - Mars Pet - Sheba - Mediacom, Flare Productions, Nineteentwenty

Sheba’s The Cats that Rule the World is a branded documentary series directed by Academy award nominated filmmaker Geoffrey O’Connor.

Building off Sheba’s brand platform that humans are powerless to resist the charms of their cats, the documentary series takes this insight into deeper and more meaningful territory, exploring the healing and redemptive power cats have over us.

In the three episodes we see this power on full, poignant display.

In episode one, the prisoners of Larch Correctional facility rescue feral cats, while the cats help the prisoners escape from their loneliness and traumas.

In military cat, Iraq war veteran Jordan tells us how his cat helped him recover from war and helped him find his way home.

While Adventure cat shows best friends Sandra and Denali conquering mountains together.

With cat ownership soaring throughout the world, this more emotional view of the relationship between cats and humans has struck a chord with viewers with overwhelming positive sentiment, helping the Sheba channel achieve enough viewing hours to turn it into a revenue generating content provider channel, rather than just a brand channel. Proving that if the entertainment is good enough, brands can provide it.