Showing IBS Sufferers We Get Them

Lucky Generals

Client: Symprove

Additional credits: Only Lucky Generals

10 million people suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Symprove’s strategy is to show that it understands their struggles.

In our first film (May 2022) we visited the town of ‘Shitterton’ and asked residents to talk about their poo. Their reluctance to do so proved how hard it is for those with IBS to discuss the condition openly. Our second film (July) was a fake tourist video for a mythical destination called ‘Lootopia’ where the facilities are always first class. This is the dream for any traveller suffering from IBS. And in our latest film (Sep) we have recognized how hard it can be for people with IBS to wear the latest fashions, attempting to rectify this with ‘The Gut Couture collection’. All these films have been launched and promoted on social and digital channels, driving traffic to Symprove’s website to learn more and sign up for a 12 week course.