Sitecore Taxi


Client: Sitecore

Back in July, Sitecore was coming to London for its internal global kick-off event. This would be the first time 2,000+ strong company had fully met in person since the pandemic began. The executive leadership team wanted to add a bit of light-hearted humour to proceedings, and ease people into the moment.

We created a comedic entrance video that would capitalise on London’s iconic Black Cab. The CEO would be the cabbie, and he would collect the CMO, Chief Product Officer and Chief Customer Success Officer. The video would be shown just before all four walked out on stage, as if it had been live. Brands2Life worked on a script that touched on how great it was people could be back together, what the company was working on and the cultural sights of London, plus carpool karaoke. The film was shot in just 3 hours on a Monday afternoon as the execs were so busy preparing for the event, with a rig towing the taxi for safety and a dozen in-car cameras. We edited the piece in 24 hours and it was ready to be played by Wednesday morning to open the event. Reaction from the client following the screening, “There is a huge amount of feedback … everyone LOVES it! This is a HUGE impact inside the organization… we could not have done it without all of you – a massive task in a short period of time. We will get some true mileage from this for weeks to come”.