Snow Globe

Lucky Generals

Client: Amazon

Additional credits: Production Company: Hungry Man, Post Production Company: Black Kite

The brief was to reveal Amazon’s shared values with their customers through emotional story telling that speaks to a cultural truth. 2022 is the year that we deal with the hardships the pandemic has left in its wake. We are facing the biggest cost of living crisis since WW2. And on top of that, wars, political crises and climate catastrophes are depriving millions of their income, their homes and even their safety. Christmas 2022 will not feel like a year of plenty, with many of us having to cut back, make do and adapt. However, that won’t stop us wanting to enjoy the holidays. This will be the year that proves joy isn’t something we buy, it’s something we make.

It's December 2022, nearing Christmas. We see a loving dad and daughter going about their everyday lives, when it becomes apparent that his daughter is finding it hard to engage with anything but her beloved snow globe. Instead of distracting her from this, he finds a frugally inventive way to include her in the holiday celebrations, the way he knows she will most enjoy. The big reveal of the life-sized snow globe at the end of the ad demonstrates a father’s love through his resourcefulness and inventiveness, determined to make his child’s Christmas a magical experience. The advert ends with the simple message: “Joy is made”.