Snow Globe

Lucky Generals

Client: Amazon

Additional credits: Production Company: Hungry Man, Post Production Company: Black Kite

We knew that 2022 would be a tough year for most of our customers as they faced the worst cost-of living crisis since World War Two. However, we also knew that their inventive spirit would shine through, and they would find frugal and inventive ways to celebrate the season. Therefore, we decided to go against the usual excess and celebrate small, thoughtful acts of creativity. Our proposition was ‘Joy is made, not bought’.

We brought this message to life through the story of a Father who notices his daughter’s obsession with a snow globe and thinks of a special way to show her he loves her. As the ad unfolds, we see him enlist the help of his neighbours and order a paper shredder from Amazon, ultimately creating a real life snowglobe in a garden greenhouse for her to enjoy. The ad was directed by Academy Award® winning writer, director, and actor Taika Waititi, who brought not only his trademark charm, and memorable casting choices to the project, but also his own experiences as a single parent. It’s an ad with a different view of generosity, a tale about the joy of finding an inventive way to do something special for someone you love. And that makes it perfect for not only Amazon but also this challenging year.