The Boob Life (directed by Fiona Jane Burgess)

Client: Tommee Tippee

Agency: Tommee Tippee - Manifest LDN, The Gate Films

This is a raw, honest and celebratory film featuring real mums and dads feeding by bottle, breast and pump. The film shows lactating, swelling and sore boobs, and follows the diverse feeding realities of nine parents, including a mother with a double mastectomy, a same sex dad bottle-feeding, and a mum breastfeeding twins.

The film has received a huge amount of press for the fact that it was banned by Facebook who say it violates their advertising policy due to "visible nipples", which sparked national outrage with Tommee Tippee's marketing manager saying "It’s outrageous and hugely offensive to women – we should be normalising infant feeding in society and what real women’s bodies look like, not pandering to outdated societal views on what’s appropriate."

Feeding babies can arouse all sorts of emotions: bliss and sadness, pride and frustration, relaxation and exhaustion. This film captures all that and more. It doesn't show the sanitised version of feeding that we've come to expect from ads, TV and film. It shows feeding all in its unvarnished glory, from wet T-shirts, painful nipples and full-force toddler latches to midnight bottle-juggling and sleepy dads. Real mums, real postpartum bodies, real feeding stories.