The Curiosity

Client: Causeway

Agency: Just Global

As the UK’s leading global software provider for construction and related industries, Causeway needed a strong brand identity for employees to match the level of ambitions at the company while attracting new talent.

Previous branding attempts had fallen flat, resulting in Causeway to go bigger and bolder with the brief: Showcase the important role Causeway and its’ people play in building a better world.

Leveraging the ‘Causeway Star’ strapline and existing assets, this campaign elevated Causeway’s positioning through a detailed and well-crafted video themed around the Moon landing. The launch film, “The Curiosity,” symbolised an employee’s journey throughout the orgaisation through masterfully edited iconography, stock imagery, custom visual effects and illustration. The inspirational campaign also included a physical invitation to every 300+ employee to attend the virtual launch event, and a branded mug (with tea and coffee) to enjoy throughout the show.

Not only did the video encompass all the values and abilities of Causeway as a company, it also elevated on the existing branding, keeping in line with what employees were already familiar with. This unification in theme and design made integration seamless, well received and resulted in talks of similar campaigns for other departments across the company.