Client: Multiópticas

Agency: LLYC

THE SCREEN CRIB is an example of how a brand is able to generate significant social conversation around an issue in a creative way, and then capitalise on it. Despite the fact that 9 out of 10 parents claim that screens are harmful for their children, 30% buy them a device with screens before the age of four.

Multiópticas, through its Screen Pollution narrative, wanted to draw attention to this contradiction and open parents' eyes to a reality that can be harmful to the eye health and development of the youngest children: the abusive use of screens.

The creation of the crib with integrated screens as an extreme representation of the problem, and the development of a start-up (SP Future), two more products with screens (highchair and rocking horse), the company's social media profiles and even a commercial, were key to the credibility of the action in its off-brand phase. Then, we raised the conversation in the parenting communities by collaborating with influencers on Instagram as if it were a real company and a real object. After 24 hours of intense controversy on social media, we revealed that Multiópticas was behind it and launched our awareness-raising message.