This Is What The Law Can Do

Client: ClientEarth

Agency: Apropos London

“This Is What The Law Can Do” is a film that shows how the law can be the most effective instrument to protect and preserve our only habitat: earth. Journeying through pivotal historical legal Acts, viewers are able to witness how the law has been used as a catalyst for change and can promote positive progress that transgresses generations. As such, and with hope for the future in its core, the film is rooted in impact, encouraging the audience to join the fight in changing government and corporate policies around a singular crisis. Ultimately, by pushing for a world where planet and people thrive together, ClientEarth aims to use this film to further inform the public on one of the most viable solutions to solving the greatest crisis facing humanity today.

The film is primarily rooted in human behaviour, and the power people have in driving change, while noting that nature and human life are not mutually exclusive in combating climate change.

With the generous contribution of Pond5, archival footage was used for the production of this film in order to produce close to zero carbon emissions in its making.