Trust Is Earned | Norwegian People's Aid

Client: Helly Hansen

Agency: Helly Hansen - Helly Hansen - Grey London, Wavemaker

For a team that is on-call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, trusting yourself and trusting fellow team members is essential. The members of the Norwegian People’s Aid, a professional search and rescue resource comprised of volunteer experts, can be deployed whatever the time of day or night, and oftentimes in extreme weather conditions, to assist search and rescue operations across the country.

Launched as part of the “Trust is Earned” campaign, this film follows the dramatic and impactful story of a local Norwegian People’s Aid team as they embark on a rescue mission under unpredictable weather conditions and challenging, unstable terrain. United by their passion to save lives, each team member endures these risks and challenges together, building the trust that it takes to go out on a mission with the confidence of returning home safely.