#UniteToProtect Education from Attack

Client: Education Above All / Project Everyone

Agency: Across the Pond

Watch their entry https://youtu.be/lbbHqgbk3nY

Every day thousands of children have their education destroyed. Through differing forms of deliberate attack - including sexual exploitation, murder, kidnapping and military occupation. Our job was to grab the attention of world leaders on the UN’s first ever ‘Day to Protect Education from Attack’ - September 9th, 2020.

But rather than create a film that attempted to show all these multitudes of horrors, we felt it was more powerful to tell the story of a single child. We knew the success of the film hinged entirely on the performance of one boy, in a single take. After extensive casting we met Azriel Abiloye and knew we had our actor. What's more, this was his first ever performance on screen.