Wiley Edge Go the Distance in your Career

The 10 Group

Client: Wiley Edge

Wiley Edge connects graduates with exciting opportunities in the corporate world. The campaign film we produced aims to attract new applicants and demonstrate how Wiley Edge finds the right career for people of all backgrounds. Filmed in Wiley Edge’s key markets - London, Montreal and New York - the film follows an individual in each city developing their skills. Their journeys - from their initial struggles to their process of learning and growing - illustrates the reality of finding one’s feet in the working world. The film also conveyed a compelling message about how Wiley Edge can help people from underrepresented socioeconomic backgrounds to find the career for them.

Our production team had multiple challenges to navigate. COVID restrictions were challenging when shooting in three international cities, and working with multiple production teams and actors across the world also created difficulties. To demonstrate the individuality in each story, whilst making the film feel cohesive, maintaining its aesthetic and visually aligning all scenes, was a constant juggling act. The film was a huge success. Our carefully-curated selection of cameras, locations and characters created an authentic and textured film which fulfilled both ours and our client’s vision. The film turned the traditional recruitment film on its head while creating a totally new visual identity for the client following their rebrand. Since it launched, the video has achieved 10.5 million video views, 17 million impressions, 30,000 clicks to website, an average website session of 2 minutes and 7 seconds, and 976 application conversions.