Client: Bodyform/Libresse

Agency: AMVBBDO - Bodyform/Libresse - Zenith, Ketchum, Chelsea Pictures, Trim Editing, 750mph, Framestore & Poke

Libresse/Bodyform has always been a purpose heavyweight. We were the first to show period blood in advertising, a breakthrough moment of

bravery. The category has since been scrambling to follow suit. Others have bought a ticket to climb aboard the ‘fempowerment’ train, on a mission to break

taboos, destination ‘Feel Good’.

This mentality sometimes does us a disservice, marginalising the complexity of our feelings. #wombstories is a lesson in embracing this

complexity. In facing into the messy reality of what it means to have a womb. Designed to make you proud of your body, whilst breaking your heart at

the same time.

In reimagining the womb in a totally novel way, we helped women and people with wombs* describe a body they’d lived in for their entire life, in an

entirely new, emotional way. The result was collective catharsis and sharing on a monumental scale.

The outpouring that has resulted suggests we haven’t just created therapeutic communications, but a tool for therapy.