Rob Bovington

Creative Director , The Gate London

Rob Bovington is an experienced Creative Director with a track record of delivering big ideas for global brands while landing major industry awards along the way. Recent stand-out work includes disruptive campaigns for HSBC UK with Richard Ayoade, first prize for TFL's 2021 Diversity competition with Sex Never Gets Old for Replens, and a popular TV spot for Ribena, which was described as “funnier than the TV show I was watching.” By Rob’s mum. He’s been lucky enough to learn from London’s-best at Adam and Eve DDB, DLKW Lowe, JWT. And he’s now a key player in elevating The Gate’s creative output. But above all he’s a jolly nice bloke to have around and enjoys talking in the third person.

"A winning entry should change my perspective. But more than that, it should leave a lasting impression. Good ideas will challenge what has come before. But the best ideas, the winning entries, teach you a lesson that’s hard to forget - like a favourite teacher (kudos Mr Morris). A new perspective or approach that changes the way you look at the world, or at-least part of it. That’s a winner to me"