Scott Stockwell

Editor in Chief, EMEA , IBM

Scott Stockwell is Editor in Chief, IBM EMEA. A pragmatic communicator with a background of brand strategy and client consultancy, Scott helps teams create compelling content to engage their audiences and respond swiftly to performance insights. Scott is an experienced Design Thinking facilitator, Agile Marketing coach, and Lego Serious Play facilitator. He’s experienced nurturing teams’ creative and delivery endeavours. Scott is a Fellow of the IDM, chairs the DMA’s B2B Council and has joined a number of industry award juries.

"Outstanding brands answer these four questions in everything they do: what is your purpose? Who do you serve? How are you best experienced? What makes you different? Winning entries for me will have answer these questions succinctly and in a way that captures my heart, my mind and (if I was the target audience) my wallet – giving me clear directions on what I should do during or after watching their film."