Tom Curtis

Executive Creative Director , MediaCom

With 21 years’ service at the WPP agency, in 2019 Tom became MediaCom UK’s first ECD. His role sees him working with many of MediaCom’s largest clients on big ideas that transcend the customary route of TV-first advertising. It fits, therefore, that before this role he spent nearly 5 years running the 80-strong content division, MediaCom Beyond Advertising. MBA developed, produced and managed many of MediaCom’s award-winning partnership, social media, influencer marketing, events, SEO and branded video campaigns. Tom is also the dad behind the 800k+ followed Instagram’s account, @thingsihavedrawn.

'Too many brand films are exactly what you'd expect to see on TV. Or, more usually, longer versions of them. I’m looking for brand films that are part of something bigger; a bigger campaign idea not constrained by (or indeed - led by) a script that's written like a TV ad. I'm looking for ideas that could live beyond the screen - and have been developed with concepts and thinking from many different sources, not just out of one copywriter's head."